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  • What Is It You Guys Do?
    At Sales.Equipment we buy and sell used machinery and equipment. In addition to selling equipment Machinery Crawler already owns we also offer consignment sales services.
  • What's "Consignment" Mean?
    Listing a machine on “consignment” with us just means we will work to sell your machine for you so you don’t have to deal with any of the headaches or hassles when it comes time to sell your equipment.
  • Do You Guys Buy Used Equipment As Well?
    Yes we at Sales.Equipment do buy used equipment. Whether you’re in a hurry and need to get out of a piece of equipment in a rush or you rather get cash today, give us a call to schedule a visit and inspection.
  • What Can I Do In Preparation For Listing My Equipment?
    First things first, get it ready for photographs. This means give her a good cleaning, remove any trash or debris from the interior cab or storage areas. Remove any remaining company decals then clean the windows, mirrors and wipe down any screens. Then you’ll need to top off any fluids that might be low and have any necessary services or repairs made. If you have any operators or services manuals including those all ways helps facilitate a sale.
  • What Does Sales.Equipment's Consignment Process Look Like?
    When you decide you want to list your machine on consignment with us, we’ll come out and meet you. This is when we’ll do an initial inspection on the machine. Prior to this meeting we’ll have sent you packet with information about us and the process including what do to prepare for our first meeting (cleaning the machine to ensure its photo ready.) After this visit we’ll begin gathering and assembling marketing material in preparation for the listing launch. Once your listing is active, one of our sales people will reach out to you to provide you a link to the listing page that you may distribute to whomever you decide. At this point your listing will be active and we will begin marketing and selling your machine. If your equipment is being stored in our yard then we’ll handle all the potential buyer visits and inquires. However if you’ve decided to keep the machine at your property, when feasible we will try to accompany any potential buyer on any inspections or inquires but we may ask you to accompany them should you want someone during the visit and travel time does not allow us to make it out in time. When a buyer is found we’ll work with both parties to make sure payment arrangements, pick up and delivery all go smoothly for everyone involved.
  • What Types Of Equipment Does Sales.Equipment Sell?
    We’ve done it all, just because theres not a certain type of machine actively listed on the site now, doesn’t mean we won’t have it later down the road. So what that mean? We’ll sell anything from heavy construction equipment to farm machinery, give us a call or shoot us an email to get started.
  • Does Sales.Equipment Offer Financing?
    Right now, Machinery Crawler does not offer any in-house financing. We always recommend using your personal bank if that is a possibility, if not there are a number of heavy equipment lenders out there. We can provide a recommendation upon request.

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